Monday, November 10, 2008

Chris Gotti Bashes the Demorats

I can no longer stand silent. Benedict Arnold, Robert Hanssen, Lando Calrissian and now Joe “LIE”berman. All of them famous sell outs, but at least Calrissian made amends. My beef is with Lieberman, I understand his friendship with McCain made him endorse him for President, but the deal was Lieberman was to NEVER bash Obama on record, but that’s just what he did, he ripped Obama every chance he got. Now, I call for his removal, he has gone RED, and is tilted to the right as far as I’m concerned. Although considered an Independent he would normally side with the Dems in caucus. “LIE”berman is now nothing but a RAT! If this was an episode of The Sopranos he would have been popped and dropped off of StuGots II. They need to make him stand in the corner for a week. Joe “LIE”berman, a true American ScumBag! He is the forefather of his own party…….The DemoRats!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Over

Mark it now. McCain will not reach 200 electoral votes. You heard it hear first. The wave of new voters will flood the country like a Fijian tsunami. Live history. Embrace it. But, once the election is over, don't hang it up. Get involved. Election day and night are just the beginning. Open your window and say you are sick and tired of it and get out and vote.

Repeat: McCain will not reach 200 electoral votes.

My name is Bernie Bibbins and I approve this message.