Monday, October 15, 2007

Cardinal Sin...Redeemed

Salana Beach, CA--So, here's the cardinal sin--I completely forgot about the Martin Sexton show on Saturday, October 14. Yes, I had, and still have tickets for this show. How did I forget? I have a hypothesis on the matter: bought tickets too early and wrote reminders in too many spots.

One of the ways to get one's attention is to use novelty or incongruity. That is to say, add something new to one's routine or put something out of place. Well, when I first bought the tickets, I wrote the date on my kitchen calendar and Palm. Of course, this was over two months ago. So, day in and day out, the date on the kitchen calendar just became part of the background as did the reminder on my Palm.

I know, it should still have been fresh in my mind. It is Martin Sexton, after all, and...enough said. Anyway, it is Saturday night, about 10:30 p.m. Kids in bed. My wife and I are in bed watching TV. Just about to crash when she asks, "When are we going to the Martin Sexton concert?"

Flying out of bed, I ran to the kitchen only to confirm what I already knew--I had forgotten about the show. I had committed the cardinal sin. This wasn't a case of baby sitter falling through, death in the family, or some other tragedy, this was...well, lame.

Now, I have had and am having the busiest October of my life, but no excuses. So, as my wife suggests that I drive to see him, you know, catch the last two seconds of the set, I accept the situation.

The next day, I go on Sexton's website and discover that he is playing the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA, 25 miles north of San Diego. I buy a ticket online. I drive the 88 miles one way. I walk into the Belly Up and realize, it was a blessing in disguise. No knock against the Anaheim House of Blues, but the Belly Up is legendary.

All I can say is that Martin Sexton blew the doors off the place. It was jammed packed. Sexton can sing. And, play guitar. I can't figure out why he isn't bigger.

More show review later, but now, I can rest in piece knowing I have redeemed myself and have been forgiven.

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Bill said...

The Belly Up: A classic American venue. For a guy who has grown up to become responsible, "The Bup" remains buried deep in my soul as the source of some of my greatest freedoms.

The Paladins ruled the place in the 90's. Two pool tables, speed-guitar blues, Pabst on tap, Alberto's right around the corner, surfing Swami's on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and intimate late nights on Moonlight Beach with a certain beautiful woman who was to become my wife. The Belly Up invokes the same passions Martin is getting at in his rememberance of things past "Black Sheep."

Brando, next time you make a speed run to The Bup to see Martin, call me. The Belly Up is a shrine to all things beautiful and free.

You drive me crazy
So late at night
You hide your face from me
In the morning there's a phone call
Got me going
It's your old man on the line.

Well I ain't talking 'bout the dress you're wearing
Ain't talking 'bout the thing in your hair
Ain't talking 'bout the kooch your daring
Ain't talking 'bout the love your sharing
I'm talking 'bout the things you do to me

Martin Sexton, Wonder Bar